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My name is Matt Lindsey and I LOVE everything about music and radio.  I once worked at a radio station for a brief time, and during that time I learned quite a bit.  That experience gave me the abilities and desire to create my own internet radio station. I love to find new music, program my station, and talk on the air every now and then.  I have such a passion for radio that if I ever won the lottery, I would purchase a terrestrial radio station with the best equipment.  I can dream, right?

What will you hear on this station?  Well, it is quite varied.  On West KY Radio you will hear pop from the 80s- early 2000s, a bit of indie, a little of today's music, a bit of country, a bit of Christian, and a lot of yacht rock. All music is Matt approved!! Thank you for stopping by and reading about my little hobby.  Be blessed!!

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